Chloe Gallardo

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Chloe Gallardo crafts a combination of introspective lyrics and calm melodies, creating sound influenced by artists such as Men I Trust, Julia Jacklin, and Alexandra Savior. 

Chloe Gallardo describes her music as “dark shoegaze indie rock”, a title as eclectic and nuanced as her influences. Growing up, Gallardo was quickly immersed in music by her parents, who are both musicians. Stepping into the role of a musician herself wasn’t as much of a decision as it was instinct; something Gallardo felt swirling inside of her for as long as she can remember. Drawing musically from bands like Broadcast and Duster, Gallardo is also inspired visually by director David Lynch, among others. Gallardo’s music offers a distinct duality, as though the instrumentation is heavy, Gallardo herself is soft. A shadow figure may slouch behind her in the shadows, but she is more than capable of eclipsing it. 


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