Classless Act

It’s not often that a band comes around like Classless Act who have tempted a new generation
of fans and given rock’s faithful a reason to keep believing. Influenced by Queen, Led Zeppelin,
The Beatles and Bowie, the L.A.-based five-piece bring a fresh, young take on a golden age of
music. They’ve been applauded by bands like Jane’s Addiction, given nods from execs with Live
Nation and MTV, and are already finding their footing in major international markets barely a
year after releasing their first single “Give It To Me” in 2021.
With the release of their anticipated debut Welcome To The Show via Better Noise Music on
June 24, the band immediately racked up 2 million streams and got the attention of rock bibles
like Loudwire, SPIN, Metal Hammer, and Blabbermouth, the latter who said Classless Act
“stands ready to carve out a legacy of its own.”
While the music tells its own story, so do the members of the band themselves, hailing from all
over the globe, including Hawaii, Los Angeles, Argentina, and Dallas. The band, featuring Derek
Day (vocals), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), Franco Gravante (bass), and Chuck
McKissock (drums), first formed in 2018 when the five former strangers met through friends via
social media. Their chemistry quickly came to light, the members fusing together anthemic
rhythms, shreddy guitars, soaring vocals and clever arrangements that, as one writer astutely
said, have "...enough energy to power a city."
With personal invites to appear on summer 2022’s highest grossing tour, The Stadium Tour, as
well as the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert and Aftershock Festival, Classless Act are giving the
industry whiplash with the constant head turning and are poised to become a next-generation
defining act.

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